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Welcome to Scrum Solutions

As a Globally recognised consultancy, we help Software producing companies reduce development costs, add 65% to their bottom line, shorten product stability and go-to market time by re-engineer their Software Development Life Cycle to achieve extra-ordinary results through waste elimination, harnessing change and ultimately differentiating themselves from any current or future competitors.

We work with local and international Leaders who are serious about transforming their organisations into one that innovates, leads, adapts, and delivers cost effective on time products while being an industry leader. We provide organisations with simple and effective change management best practices to continuously improve and optimise software development environments, significantly reduce business risk while closely synchronising market requirements with early feature delivery.

Get trained by Africa’s No 1 Certified Scrum Trainer and Expert

               Did you know that there are only 2 Certified Scrum Trainers in Africa and Mandy Schoeman is 1 of them?

               Mandy the only African Scrum Trainer approved by Ken Schwaber (co-inventor of Scrum) and certified to deliver                Scrum.org curriculums. 

               She holds Scrum.Org certifications such as Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Scrum Expert and

               Professional Scrum Master plus the Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner certifications.



Contact Us Mail: mandy@scrumsolutions.co.za