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Adopting an Agile mind-set versus implementing it as just another process

It's fair to say that Scrum is the best known and widest-used framework of the Agile methodologies around the world. It's the main source of thinking behind the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto, which forms a common basis for all of these approaches.

However, it's not just the process that matters but more importantly, the principles and values that the methodology portrays that should be embedded into the organisation from a people perspective.

Any business transformation requires total transparency, honest inspection, and constant adaption together with a solid set of core values for it to truly succeed.

An examination of the above highlights the following:

In addition, the following Agile manifesto principles and people practices must be maintained:

Finally, it should be remembered that all work performed in Scrum needs a firm foundation of values and principles for any team's success. With its emphasis on teamwork and continuous improvement, Scrum both creates those values and relies on them. These values are focus, courage, openness, commitment and respect and offer the following guidelines from the team's perspective:

If an organisation will let Scrum do its work, everyone involved will discover the benefits and will begin to understand why Scrum both engenders and relies upon these values says Schoeman.

4 August 2015: Article by Mandy Schoeman of Scrum Solutions