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Discover the best kept secret to for “on time, within budget, scope changing” IT projects. This is not a“death by ppt” course but a practical hands on experience to help those who are new to Agile or struggling with Scrum in their Organisation.  This amazing 2 day course helps you understand the value of Agile and how to use Scrum effectively in your workplace because it lays the foundation for managing effective Scrum teams.

Course Outline

In addition to the subjects noted below, you will actively participate in the Scrum process with fun, practical hands-on exercises that help reinforce the learning points.


This course is appropriate for anyone working on or with a Scrum Team. The course is especially well suited to companies or teams investigating Scrum, those who are currently struggling with Agile Project Management using Scrum, or those beginning to utilise Scrum in their development environment is most effective as a training event for a dedicated team.


Learn how you can optimise value, productivity, and the total cost of ownership of software products by using the Scrum Framework. A Scrum Master is responsible for taking the Scrum Maturity of one or more Scrum teams to a significantly higher level, which, when done right, will at the same time take the organization's ability to deliver value to its customers to a significantly higher level.

Course Outline

This Advanced course covers the following:


This workshop is set at an intermediate to advanced level for Scrum Masters who are either experienced, certified (CSM or PSM I) or have attended our Practical Scrum Basics course.   Course Outline


Today, Product Owners need to understand how to maximize the delivery of value through software products and systems. Agile Product Ownership today requires more than knowledge of how to write a User Story or manage a Product Backlog. This new course addresses a significant skills gap in the software development industry that we have seen growing over the last few years.  Maximizing Return On Investment (ROI), optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and capitalizing on product Agility is what the Product Owner is intimately concerned with.

Course Outline

The course consists of modules that build on each other because they are exercise-driven, their success depends on effective group participation and interaction.


The audience of this Product Owner boot camp are those accountable for maximising the value delivered by products and services, including: Product Managers and Scrum Product Owners, IT Development Managers, Strategy managers. Course Outline


Great software development using Scrum requires the seamless integration of the tool, a well-functioning team, and software development best practices. Professional Scrum.   This new course is set at an advanced level and covers the best practices that team members need to successfully implement and ship functionality.

Course Outline

Scrum Development course cover three main topics:


The Scrum Developer course is suitable for any member of a software development team, including architects, programmers, database developers, testers, and others with some technical knowledge.

For more information contact me on 0732175648 or send an email to mandy@scrumsolutions.co.za.